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Computer Technology in the Food Industry :
Unique Opportunities
Specialized Business Process Consulting
Companies in the food industry have huge opportunities for cost savings. While
government regulations drive a lot of reporting and database requirements related
to labeling (e.g. Nutrition, Country-of-Origin, Mandatory-Price-Reporting,
Traceability), they provide opportunities for cost savings and competitive
advantages. Combining all needs from government, consumer and trade partners
with most optimal internal processes provide the best possible results. If you feel
that you are not harvesting the business potential of your business applications,
contact us today!
Harvesting Opportunities
If you feel that your organization has cost savings potential which you can harvest
with business process optimization, we can help you. Contact Us today!
Main Areas of Services:
Business Case Studies (Why invest into Technology?)
Business Software concepts for custom software development
Software Evaluations (Where to invest?)
Project Execution Management (Making sure it was an investment, not
Implementation Review (Did we meet our goals?)
Patrick Pilz, Principal Owner
We provide technology concepts that
improve efficiencies, eliminate error and
waste while providing safe quality products
therefore enhance the profit and safeguard
the future of companies.
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