Business Reports using Maps in SQL Server 2012

I was playing around a little bit with map reporting data for development reasons. I was wondering why nobody is providing any basic database that I can use for basic business reporting in SQL-Server 2012. There may be reasons, but thanks the Shape2SQL Tool you can actually import data into a SQL-Server Database. I work mostly with Food Manufacturing companies, that largely operate within Nafta (USA, Canada and Mexico) with perhaps some sourcing or shipping globally.

In most business applications you can pretty easily visualize maps based on administrative districts. You find the maps that I used to create the attached database on . Their fine print:

These files were extracted from GADM version 1.0, in March 2009 GADM is a geographic database of global administrative areas (boundaries).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

This only covers our contribution, not that of others (data provided to us).

Visit for details

Uploading into the database proved somewhat tricky, since some data fields in the shape files cannot be successfully processed with the Shape2SQL Tool and some rows where not imported. I had particular problems with Antarctica (which I chose to ignore) and Russia. The row for Russia failed when I imported the world’s countries, so I had to manually import the shape files for Russia and add a row to the countries table for Russia manually.

Since the license does not allow me to use the data commercially, I thought I share this database with some other folks that want to start querying business data and create basic business maps. The database I have contains:

  • World Map (264 Rows by country)
  • Adminstrative Districts for
    • USA (States, Counties)
    • Canada (Provinces/Territories, Counties)
    • Mexico
    • Germany
    • Russia

You can create very quickly individual maps as needed by querying the database using MS-Report Builder 3.0. Note that some of the Geography data objects are too large to display using the preview function in SSMS. I have not found any issues though creating state level reports combining all Nafta countries or drawing the world map.

The database can be downloaded via the links below, these are 8 rar archives (20 MB each, the last one smaller). After extraction of the archive you find an MDF database created in SQL-Server 2012, compatibility level 100 (Server 2008), which you can attach to your installed database instance and use right away. The database is extracted approx. 500 MB.

Enjoy building fancy business reports!

Spatial Database Download (temporarily removed):

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