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COOL is here to stay, deal with it!

Freedom of speech is considered one of the greatest freedoms in the United States. Unfortunately people, especially lawyers, like to use this as an excuse to fight anything that people claim and do. Right or wrong does not really matter, … Continue reading

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MS Power BI – A great solution for small to midsize businesses

I fly a lot. I get easily bored. To deal with this personality disorder, I need to find ways to kill a lot of time with exciting stuff. One of the things I do is watching educational videos on technology. … Continue reading

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Optimization in the meat industry

I ran across an interesting article in the National Provisioner about Optimization. While the article has a lot of truth to it, it is in a lot of ways incorrect and misleading. It starts already with the definition of Optimization … Continue reading

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Online is not always better than offline

I ran across an interesting article on one of my favorite meat media, TheMeatSite. It was about Tesco rolling out a new QR code in Thailand. You may now start asking plenty of questions, especially why a British retailer picks … Continue reading

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How Nintendo stole Christmas and Facebook saved it!

It is a drag of sorts to buy Christmas gifts for the kids every year, especially if they have so much. I was always against any toy gear whatsoever and I also did not see the point to get my … Continue reading

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