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Optimization in the meat industry

I ran across an interesting article in the National Provisioner about Optimization. While the article has a lot of truth to it, it is in a lot of ways incorrect and misleading. It starts already with the definition of Optimization … Continue reading

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Setting up Bill of Materials for the first time

I got two interesting phone conversations about setting up and managing Bill-of-Materials (BOM’s) this week. One conversation was with a prospect, that set up their BOM’s seven years ago voicing some regrets on how he approached it, the other one … Continue reading

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Expected vs. Actual

Last week’s blog post provoked quite a response. If you remember, we talked about optimization procedures and cost management of your own fleet. Some had difficulties understanding why companies install $6,000 or more in terms of equipment on their trucks … Continue reading

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Freight Optimization in the Food Industry

If you walk through a big box retail store of your choice, you may notice that some of the food items you can buy have the lowest costs per lb in average across the entire assortment. I know from practical … Continue reading

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Feature Definition: Freight Cost Optimization

The food industry is a very competitive business which makes it imperative to manage costs well. Freight costs are probably the next most important block of costs, after yields (management of material costs) and labor efficiencies. Freight costs can have … Continue reading

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