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Setting up Bill of Materials for the first time

I got two interesting phone conversations about setting up and managing Bill-of-Materials (BOM’s) this week. One conversation was with a prospect, that set up their BOM’s seven years ago voicing some regrets on how he approached it, the other one … Continue reading

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Where the ball is going to be is important, not where it is!

One of the great German trainers on lean manufacturing likes to use this analogy to differentiate great soccer players from average soccer players. I think that this pretty holds true for almost any ball-sport, but also a lot for people … Continue reading

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Feature Definition – Cut-out optimization for meat packers

Lately I had multiple discussions with meat packers of different sizes about cut-out optimization models. Most companies have pretty ambitious visions on what a system can do for them, and to say it upfront, there are no computer systems to … Continue reading

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Business Intelligence is out – Business Analytics is in

Yesterday I went to a business mixer of a group of Germans in San Diego. I have not been at that meeting for probably 5 years, but it was interesting nonetheless. Beside meeting a bunch of other interesting individuals, I … Continue reading

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Forecasting for Fresh Foods

One of the hottest topics has been forecasting and planning every since I started working with business and ERP applications in fresh food industries. That was almost 20 years ago. Not much has really changed, it still seems that this … Continue reading

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