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COOL is here to stay, deal with it!

Freedom of speech is considered one of the greatest freedoms in the United States. Unfortunately people, especially lawyers, like to use this as an excuse to fight anything that people claim and do. Right or wrong does not really matter, … Continue reading

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Online is not always better than offline

I ran across an interesting article on one of my favorite meat media, TheMeatSite. It was about Tesco rolling out a new QR code in Thailand. You may now start asking plenty of questions, especially why a British retailer picks … Continue reading

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Social Networking for Meat packers and Meat Processors

Twitter went public last month, soaring more than 50% shortly after the opening bell. While a lot of stock analysts still question the valuation of the company, many business owners – especially those that deal with very tangible products like … Continue reading

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Setting up Bill of Materials for the first time

I got two interesting phone conversations about setting up and managing Bill-of-Materials (BOM’s) this week. One conversation was with a prospect, that set up their BOM’s seven years ago voicing some regrets on how he approached it, the other one … Continue reading

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New Technology for meat processors

I was surprised by the recent number of innovations and changes that came out AFTER IFFA was over. Of course, a trade show like that triggers a lot of innovation. But some things where launched independent of the trade show. … Continue reading

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