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Freight Optimization in the Food Industry

If you walk through a big box retail store of your choice, you may notice that some of the food items you can buy have the lowest costs per lb in average across the entire assortment. I know from practical … Continue reading

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unable or disabled IT department?

I work in technology and I sometimes think that technology sucks. Recently I started learning programming in jscript, as I wrote on this blog a few weeks back, but just the other day I was challenged to program our coffee … Continue reading

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Cloud Solutions are not ready for prime time – just yet

I like the idea of cloud based systems and I try hard making them work for me. But the truth to be told, I have not found a single one that is in 100% working order. I tried Apple’s iCloud … Continue reading

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The path of integrating ERP with the Internet

This article explains how you can take ERP to the next level, and how you should consider staffing your IT department to the success of your organization. Continue reading

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Organization of Kill-Floor Data Collection Systems

It is believed that the meat industry had the first automated production line using steam engines in Chicago’s meat packing district. Henry Ford went there and saw how they work, were organized and derived from his observations a way to … Continue reading

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