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Social Networking for Meat packers and Meat Processors

Twitter went public last month, soaring more than 50% shortly after the opening bell. While a lot of stock analysts still question the valuation of the company, many business owners – especially those that deal with very tangible products like … Continue reading

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The new role of meat magazines – or “news magazine is an oxymoron”

I am a vivid reader. I read approx. 200-300 pages of information every day. Reading may be an overstatement, but I scan through those pages, look for topics of interest to me and eventually read the entire article if the … Continue reading

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New Technology for meat processors

I was surprised by the recent number of innovations and changes that came out AFTER IFFA was over. Of course, a trade show like that triggers a lot of innovation. But some things where launched independent of the trade show. … Continue reading

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4 tips on how to deal with the ever increasing amount of information!

With the web being available anytime and anyplace for pretty much anyone, we experienced and are still experiencing a seismic shift in the amount of information coming at us, which is still exponentially increasing. This rise of information on the … Continue reading

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Social Networking at its best

I was at the IPPE show in Atlanta last week. After three days of working hard at day and partying hard at night, I was rushed to the airport to catch my 5:30 departure back home to San Diego. As … Continue reading

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