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Customer Complaint tracking for Food Processors

CRM, GFSI, TQM, QM or QA – a lot of acronyms that stand for opportunities within food processing companies. Each of them stands for some sort combined “business performance event”, like decathlons and triathlons stand for “combined athletics events”. These … Continue reading

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Implementation schedules can have red flags!

Just came back from my series of meetings in Europe. Always fun to meet with a bunch of folks, compare notes and experiences to learn and advance. Working from 8:00 am in the morning ’til midnight pretty much every days … Continue reading

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ERP is meeting the real world

I admit, I am a little geekier than most people that I am dealing with. I like technology and people that interact with me don’t always get what I am doing and even more why I am doing these things. … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution: Making sound IT Decisions

The end of the year is normally a very quiet time, a time where you stop blogging, reflect on the past year and look forward to the next. Being involved in IT decisions on all sides, buyers and sellers of … Continue reading

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Where the ball is going to be is important, not where it is!

One of the great German trainers on lean manufacturing likes to use this analogy to differentiate great soccer players from average soccer players. I think that this pretty holds true for almost any ball-sport, but also a lot for people … Continue reading

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