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Economics of Traceability

Food Safety News reported that we have by now 630 cases of Cyclospora infections in 22 states in a little over 2 months and the source of the outbreak has not been located yet with certainty. In addition, we had … Continue reading

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About the ‘egglaying woolmilksow’ and Reporting in the Food Industry

The ‘egglaying woolmilksow’ is an idiom popular in the German language, which represents something that does it all. Everything you need in one single low maintenance environment. It reflects in our world the desire to have a single tool for … Continue reading

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FDA / IFT pilots – what needs to be defined!

Last week I may have been a little harsh with the officials at FDA and the people at IFT. I guess they cannot do anything different as they are being told by lawmakers. If lawmakers say that they cannot recommend … Continue reading

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FDA Traceability Pilots – what for? why?

FDA announced on their traceability web site last week that they are now commencing with the mandated pilot traceability programs for the food industry. It is easy to see why it is being conducted, that is because a clueless congress … Continue reading

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WGA – Is this retreat, surrender or what is it?

The Packer broke yesterday the news that WGA has decided on ‘preferred vendors’ for traceability and other regulatory software. Man, I am really disappointed. After what must amount to a year or so, WGA has decided that TrueTrac LLC and … Continue reading

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