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Those stupid smart phone discussions

Disclosure: I got an iPhone 5. I waited a week before updating to iOS 7 and I do believe it is a great phone. I also believe that these discussions on which phone is better or worse is pretty silly, … Continue reading

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Cloud Solutions are not ready for prime time – just yet

I like the idea of cloud based systems and I try hard making them work for me. But the truth to be told, I have not found a single one that is in 100% working order. I tried Apple’s iCloud … Continue reading

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Facebook vs. Google+ – the game is on

Things are really moving fast these days. Considering that the wave of social networking started with friendster (which nobody really knows anymore) via MySpace, which at its peak peak in 2008 500 Mio Members and is now all but dead. … Continue reading

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It works, but…

…we ain’t get it working. I am evenly impressed about Apple and disappointed about a lot of other technology solutions I’m working with. I have been working in sales functions for technology most of my life but recently switched sides … Continue reading

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People don’t want choices, they want solutions!

I gave up part of my freedom of choice when I went into the Apple Store and got me an IPhone. Actually I got two, one for my wife as well. As I approached the sales person, he asked me … Continue reading

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