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The way we work with computers is changing fundamentally!

I started working with computers at the end of the 80′s. At the time I worked with a text based screen and was shortly after introduced to the mouse. The mouse taught me to use my hands in a different … Continue reading

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Defining a good product

I love my IPhone! Remember when it was introduced about 2 years ago? The IPhone taught us what we can do with a mobile device and redefined what we can do with a smart phone. It was all about what … Continue reading

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People don’t want choices, they want solutions!

I gave up part of my freedom of choice when I went into the Apple Store and got me an IPhone. Actually I got two, one for my wife as well. As I approached the sales person, he asked me … Continue reading

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This was 2009 – my tech review

A little review and Outlook The end of the year is near, and this is probably the last posting I write for 2009. Time to review a little bit what happened and what will become. I don’t know how many … Continue reading

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