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COOL is here to stay, deal with it!

Freedom of speech is considered one of the greatest freedoms in the United States. Unfortunately people, especially lawyers, like to use this as an excuse to fight anything that people claim and do. Right or wrong does not really matter, … Continue reading

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Optimization in the meat industry

I ran across an interesting article in the National Provisioner about Optimization. While the article has a lot of truth to it, it is in a lot of ways incorrect and misleading. It starts already with the definition of Optimization … Continue reading

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Customer Complaint tracking for Food Processors

CRM, GFSI, TQM, QM or QA – a lot of acronyms that stand for opportunities within food processing companies. Each of them stands for some sort combined “business performance event”, like decathlons and triathlons stand for “combined athletics events”. These … Continue reading

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Social Networking for Meat packers and Meat Processors

Twitter went public last month, soaring more than 50% shortly after the opening bell. While a lot of stock analysts still question the valuation of the company, many business owners – especially those that deal with very tangible products like … Continue reading

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Implementation schedules can have red flags!

Just came back from my series of meetings in Europe. Always fun to meet with a bunch of folks, compare notes and experiences to learn and advance. Working from 8:00 am in the morning ’til midnight pretty much every days … Continue reading

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