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Pink Slime, social media and the truth

I perhaps should not use the term “Pink Slime” as somebody that caters to the meat industry, I think it illustrates a point. I was travelling for 8 days visiting my favorite meat conference, the NAMP Management conference in Chicago, … Continue reading

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Computer Systems and Food Safety

I was in Chicago about a week ago attending the NAMP Management Conference. Though a small event, it is one of the very few still growing association meetings in the meat industry with a record audience of more than 200 … Continue reading

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Feature Definition: What is an item?

Does this question look silly to you? Believe me, it is not! In my experience implementing computer systems, this question is one of the most profoundly discussed topics when companies in the food industry head into the implementation of new … Continue reading

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WGA – Is this retreat, surrender or what is it?

The Packer broke yesterday the news that WGA has decided on ‘preferred vendors’ for traceability and other regulatory software. Man, I am really disappointed. After what must amount to a year or so, WGA has decided that TrueTrac LLC and … Continue reading

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Food Traceability – Associations can take the lead!

I read this week an interesting article on The Packer, one of the leading magazines for the produce industry. Produce has been front and center or the upcoming legislation, the “enhanced food safety act HR.2749, passed” or “food safety modernization … Continue reading

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