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Business Intelligence for meat packers and meat processors

I wrote about the new type of people we need in IT or perhaps better working with IT or with technology in last week’s blog post. I did not really write much about what these people should do and how … Continue reading

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Business Reports for Meat Processors

It seems almost as if some things do not ever change, especially when it comes to reports. Reporting is one of the most important tools for companies to understand their performance and make operational decisions. As I am back selling … Continue reading

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The Top 10 features and functions in software for the meat industry

Do the TOP 10 features of software products in the meat industry exist? I will try to make the case for some but not without a little disclaimer before I get started. Talking about the Top 10 is always something … Continue reading

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Organization of Kill-Floor Data Collection Systems

It is believed that the meat industry had the first automated production line using steam engines in Chicago’s meat packing district. Henry Ford went there and saw how they work, were organized and derived from his observations a way to … Continue reading

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