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Online is not always better than offline

I ran across an interesting article on one of my favorite meat media, TheMeatSite. It was about Tesco rolling out a new QR code in Thailand. You may now start asking plenty of questions, especially why a British retailer picks … Continue reading

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Germany steps forward with interoperable traceability

Interoperable traceability is moving full steam ahead in Germany. Efforts which have been similar to PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) and mpXML (Meat Traceability guideline) have evolved traceability to the next level. Retail case ready packages are marked with QR-Codes that … Continue reading

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QR Codes in the food industry

I want to follow up on last week’s article about barcode applications where you can see an example of a QR code, extending a little more about adaptation in the food industry. QR Codes have been developed by a subsidiary … Continue reading

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Feature Definition – Barcode applications

I had last week interesting discussions with executives in the produce industry about practical applications of QR-Codes in their industry. I noticed as the discussions progressed, that people still have a limited understanding of Barcode applications in general and I … Continue reading

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