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XL Foods – The Limitations of Systems and Traceability

I have been working for 2 years with the XL Foods team on computer systems before I followed my passion for selling computer systems to the food industry again. It is of course saddening to see how this evolved and … Continue reading

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FDA / IFT pilots – what needs to be defined!

Last week I may have been a little harsh with the officials at FDA and the people at IFT. I guess they cannot do anything different as they are being told by lawmakers. If lawmakers say that they cannot recommend … Continue reading

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So many systems, so little time…

Over the past few weeks I attended software presentations in different meat companies small, medium and large. While all these companies where very similar in what they did, they varied in size. With this size variation came also a variation … Continue reading

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Organization of Kill-Floor Data Collection Systems

It is believed that the meat industry had the first automated production line using steam engines in Chicago’s meat packing district. Henry Ford went there and saw how they work, were organized and derived from his observations a way to … Continue reading

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