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Mandatory Price Data from USDA live to MS-Excel

I almost missed it, but USDA made finally its Main Reporting Database for the mandatory price reporting available as a web service. This means, that you can very easily request the data live within MS-Excel. The full documentation can be … Continue reading

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About the ‘egglaying woolmilksow’ and Reporting in the Food Industry

The ‘egglaying woolmilksow’ is an idiom popular in the German language, which represents something that does it all. Everything you need in one single low maintenance environment. It reflects in our world the desire to have a single tool for … Continue reading

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Business Reports for Meat Processors

It seems almost as if some things do not ever change, especially when it comes to reports. Reporting is one of the most important tools for companies to understand their performance and make operational decisions. As I am back selling … Continue reading

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Feature Definition: What is an item?

Does this question look silly to you? Believe me, it is not! In my experience implementing computer systems, this question is one of the most profoundly discussed topics when companies in the food industry head into the implementation of new … Continue reading

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Traceability – Getting on the front burner?

The senate passed finally s.510 last week, which is supposing the biggest overhaul of the nation’s food safety system in decades. Even though it has stalled due to clerical mistakes, I am confident that it will become final within a … Continue reading

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